About us

Closely cooperated with experts and professors in the field, such as ENFI, NERIN and CINF, the largest three engineering companies in China, we have always committed to offer our customer innovative solutions by studying and developing new type of anodes and optimizing the existing ones. Currently a new grating anode was invented which had been tried in several smelters in China and Africa. The exciting result really encourages our end users to adapt to this new type of anode which has lower at cost, lower cell voltage and higher current density, and better electrolyte flow. Our research team is working hard on invention of PANI (Poly) Anode which can be used in electrolyte cell. 


In a globally competitive market, the cost of our products will significantly impact our customer’s costs. Therefore, APETECK supplied complete lead alloy anodes and cathodes, as well as MMO anode, at competitive price with quality recognized by our clients for many years. 


We are always reliable and flexible in business cooperation. Besides normal trade, we are able to do processing trade, used cathode repair and replacement trade, etc. In order to facilitate our client’s procurement on electrowinning system equipment besides anode and cathode, we also provide package solution for our clients from procurement of anodes/cathodes, electrowinning poly concrete cells, to cathode stripping machine.  Because we have profound know-how and wide experience in anode/cathode application in hydrometallurgy and chlorine alkali industry, and close connection with these equipment manufacturers in China, at any stage of your project with various professional engineering companies, we will closely collaborate and intensively communicate with you and your engineering designers to ensure your ideal fully materialized so to save your time and expense on organizing shipment and quality inspection on these equipment.


To broaden our business scope, we had cooperated with an advanced machinery manufacturer in China to promote its newly designed cathode stripping system for copper and zinc industry. Meanwhile, we represent a battery scrap recycling equipment producer in China to promote their newly innovated and designed scrap lead acid battery recycling line. 


So if you are going to design a new electrowinning tank house or renovate your current one, you could contact us for the package of our solution, covering from anode, cathode, stripping system, electrolyte polymer concrete cells, to pipes and walk-ways inside tank house so to save your time and management expense on procurement of these items. Don’t hesitate, call us or send us email now for your need. We are always happy to be of your help.